We can bring your idea, project, existing business or new business more certainty and outcome with a broad spectrum of high level strategic assistance, funding support, equity investment resources Ranging from £500,000 to £5,000,000. Coupled with our own “Real-World”, experienced and highly skilled team who have already proven themselves to be accomplished entrepreneurs and business people in market leading enterprises.

We can bring more to the table at times of growth or need than most other options, investors or VC’s.

Are we looking for each other today ?

Please choose from one of the offerings below :


Does your business have cash funding needs?


Fundertas operates as a possible alternative to a lender or finance company on a B2B basis offering short and longer term secured funding support to new and mature bussinesses and trades.

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Are you seeking an experienced business team and equity partner or investor to move your business to the next level?


Investortas seeks equity investment opportunities with existing businesses and trades to strengthen and grow them to optimise their potential and capabilities for profit in the way they deserve.

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Do you have that "Big Idea" that's just waiting to be launched?


Venturetas welcomes businesses or individuals with those "big ideas" or innovations to co-operate on a joint venture basis utilising our substantial resources and proven track record.

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During recent times poor access to funding and risk averse lenders have contributed to the slowing of businesses growth and innovation in the UK and abroad. It is our view that many fantastic innovations and ideas do not get to see the light of day and even more great businesses do not get to meet their potential due to these prevailing circumstances.

We aim to seek out and meet those people and businesses with new and exciting opportunities with the aim of working with them to optimise such prospects and change their futures forever in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner.

We add Talent And Strength

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